2.1 RC3

Full Install

Need to install SMF 2.1 RC3 from scratch? Then this is the download you need.

Large upgrade

Upgrading from an earlier branch (SMF 2.1 RC2 or below)? No problem, this is what you need. This archive will upgrade/reset your forum to a clean install of the latest version and will remove all modifications.


albanian UTF-8

arabic UTF-8

bulgarian UTF-8

catalan UTF-8

chinese_simplified UTF-8

chinese_traditional UTF-8

croatian UTF-8

czech UTF-8

czech_informal UTF-8

danish UTF-8

dutch UTF-8

english UTF-8

english_british UTF-8

finnish UTF-8

french UTF-8

galician UTF-8

german UTF-8

german_informal UTF-8

greek UTF-8

hebrew UTF-8

hungarian UTF-8

indonesian UTF-8

italian UTF-8

japanese UTF-8

lithuanian UTF-8

macedonian UTF-8

malay UTF-8

norwegian UTF-8

persian UTF-8

polish UTF-8

portuguese_brazilian UTF-8

portuguese_pt UTF-8

romanian UTF-8

russian UTF-8

serbian_cyrillic UTF-8

serbian_latin UTF-8

slovak UTF-8

spanish_es UTF-8

spanish_latin UTF-8

swedish UTF-8

thai UTF-8

turkish UTF-8

ukrainian UTF-8

urdu UTF-8

vietnamese UTF-8