Hey SMF developers and modders,

I would just like to express my appreciation of the countless hours spent by so many of you in producing such a simple and easy to use PHP forum software.

A few months ago I attempted to convert my forum from phpBB to SMF but failed miserably and was also a little wary of support for SMF (and didn't really like the default theme :P) so I just gave up.

Just last week I gave it another go at installing SMF 2.0 RC2 and it went down almost perfectly. The only things I remember having to manually fix myself were some of the custom missing BBCode from phpBB and the ' symbols which were displayed as \'. Other than that SMF has been perfect and the new theme in my opinion is a great improvement on the previous one.

phpBB was also horrible to modify having to manually mess with templates or use the buggy MODX software to automatically install the mods. With SMF I'm happy most of the MODs I've wanted have automatically installed great with SMF.

The community here also seems very friendly and alive with MODs being released/updated on a daily basis and being easily locatable both in the forum and the download portal.

From now on when I think of the most awesomest forum software I will no longer think of phpBB or vBulletin but SMF instead, keep up the great work guys! I can't wait to see what happens as SMF and the MODs progress.

-raing3, November 13, 2009